Malaysia Education Online

Malaysia Education Online (MEdO) is one of the Entry Point Project 6 (EPP6) as part of the Malaysia Goverment Transformation Plan (GTP) to expand international distance learning. MEdO (pronounced 'meadow') is an online learning platform delivering education programmes from Malaysia universities, collegues, polytechnics and training institutions.

MEdO is the gateway for them to extend their global outreach whilst each participating institution is able to maintain its identity and uniqueness.

MEdO's integrated e-learning content allows students to have access to digital learning material, electronic library, archived lectures, web and multimedia resources. The student will have the option to take mix of online, blended and on-campus courses. MEdO provide an opportunity for Malaysian educational institutions to desgn and develop programmes to be offered fully online or in a blended format. It is envisioned that MEdO will grow to be a virtual platform for institutions that want to be associated with promoting the agenda of expanding international distance education.

Value Proposition

  • An additional revenue source
  • Internatinal branding of programmes
  • Developed content can be used for teaching on-campus students
  • Oportunity to penetrate the growing global education market
  • Benchmarking programmes against renowed institutions programmes
  • Leverage on content developed by other institutions for new prorgrammes
  • An alternative mode of delivery offering a mix of online, blended and on-campus course