AeU believes in choosing strategic partners that are sustainable and mutually beneficial. We welcome qualified organizations to collaborate with us. If you are interested, please email to enquiries@aeu.edu.my.

Benefits to our partners are:

  • Use the AeU platform to offer their courses to a wider international market.
  • Take advantage of AeU e-Learning facilities to digitize and promote their programmes internationally.
  • Leverage on the e-Learning technologies and harness pedagogical capabilities offered at AeU.
  • Internationally market tools and academic and training content through AeU.
  • Avail themselves of research findings in e-Learning deposited in the AeU repository.
  • Participate internationally in human capacity building through training and consulting using the AeU gateway.
  • Enjoy international recognition using the AeU gateway.
  • Exchange quality learning materials using the AeU hub, creating a commons of learning material.
  • Benefit through collaborative strengths of a particular institution made available through the AeU gateway.

List of Partners: