Dress Code

1. All graduands are requested to observe the following dress code for the Convocation ceremony. Graduands are advised to be properly attired as befits the occasion. Please observe the following dress code:
  • Dark coloured lounge suit with matching tie for men.
  • Decent attire for official functions for ladies.
  • Dark coloured shoes so that it harmonises with the academic dress.
2. Please note that corsages should not be worn on the academic dress. Graduands who do not comply with the above dress code will not be allowed to enter the Convocation Hall.
3. Graduands not wearing the complete academic attire will not be allowed to participate in the convocation.
4. All guests are expected to be suitably attired preferably in batik/lounge suit/national wear for gentlemen whereas ladies have also to be properly attired for the occasion. Those who are not properly attired would not be allowed to enter the Convocation Hall.