Credit Transfer

If you’ve already completed some study that’s relevant to the programme at AeU, you may be eligible to gain credit for previous study.

Applying for Credit Transfer

Students may apply for credit transfer for the purpose of obtaining an exemption from one or more subjects required by their programmes because they have taken and passed similar subjects of the same credit value in other institutions.

Applications for credit transfer shall normally be made within seven (7) weeks of the first semester at the University for new students.

Applications for credit transfer must be accompanied by the transcripts of examination results and syllabus or outline of the subjects pursued at the relevant institutions.

The Principle of Credit Transfer

The institution from which credits for one or more subjects are to be transferred must be recognised by the University.

Subjects from institutions recognised must be accepted by the University as credit transferable subjects.

Subjects accepted for credit transfer by the University must be similar or close to one or more subjects offered in programmes by the University. The student must have obtained a pass in the subjects concerned.

Credit transfer is applicable if the date of the result of the subject concerned was obtained within the last 5 years.

Transferred credits will not be calculated in the GPA and the CGPA. Transferred credits will be taken into account to fulfill the total credit requirements for graduation.

Maximum Number of Transferable Credits

The maximum number of transferable credits depends on the following conditions:

  • The total credit hours of subjects exempted due to credit transfer must not exceed the credit hours of the subjects taken at other relevant institutions, after taking into account the relevant time taken for the subject at the relevant institution whether it is quarter semester, half semester or any other semester period.
  • The maximum transferable credit is 30% of the credit hours required for graduation in a University programme. For example, if a University programme requires 120 credit hours for graduation, the maximum transferable credit allowed is 36 credit hours.

University Subject Requirement

  • For the Degree programme, a student shall only be awarded the Degree after completing the University subjects of at least 70% of the total credit hours required to graduate from a University programme.
  • For example, a University Degree programme requires 120 credit hours for graduation. A student who has received credit transfer from other institutions is eligible for a Degree after completing 84 credit hours at the University.