Double Celebrations

By Su Azizah Hamdan (MEd, June 2009 Semester)

“My experience studying in AeU was nothing short of life-changing. It was a double celebration and historic moments for me in April 2011 both for graduating with a Masters of Education (specialization in Instructional Technology) and conquering the highest peak in South East Asia (Mt. Kinabalu!!) It all began with aspirations and hope and working towards achieving those dreams and in the process pushing oneself to the limits both physically and mentally.”

The dual-mode programme provides the best arrangement in balancing your study, career and personal life. The variety of perspective, experience and learning levels in the classroom added greater value to my education. The academics and the support staffs have always been approachable and helpful in facilitating my studies. I have been provided with the excellent resources - learning materials, library resources etc. The support  services were so encouraging - ohh…and not to forget the ‘free flow of coffee’ from the coffee machine in the library; I am soooo loving it!!! 

I am now building on the teaching experience by being a part-time Academic Facilitator with the university. I have taught the subjects of Instructional Technology and Learning Resources, Evaluation and Testing in the Classroom and Enhancing Teachers Professionalism for the Bachelor students of TESL and Pengajian Melayu. The opportunity to learn and teach stimulates me intellectually and provided me with the opportunity to critically appraise, think creatively and begin the process of independently shaping the direction of my research. I am looking forward for more opportunities to meet fellow researchers or PhD students in a social and friendly atmosphere to share experiences and provide insights in the research process.