Resource Corner

Articles, profiles and other resources are collected from alumni members to be shared with everyone.

Double Celebrations (Su Azizah, MEd 2009)

“My experience studying in AeU was nothing short of life-changing. It was a double celebration and historic moments for me in April 2011 both for graduating with a Masters of Education (specialization in Instructional Technology) and conquering the highest peak in South East Asia (Mt. Kinabalu!!) It all began with aspirations and hope and working towards achieving those dreams and in the process pushing oneself to the limits both physically and mentally.”

The Greatest Gift, A Poem (Juliana Koay, MEd 2009)

Read this inspiring poem written by Juliana about life.

My Travel Experiences in Incredible India (Radah Manickam, MEd, 2009)

India, the cradle of an ancient civilization with a long, meandering history and now a growing economic giant captured my imagination as a tremendously awesome place for a first time tourist like me. From the bustling metropolis of Mumbai to the ancient city of Agra, India is one country where history and modernity exist side by side like a gleaming sari and a worn out dhoti. The new and old mingle creating a potent cocktail exciting the senses and at the same time satisfying my aesthetic inclinations. 

My 18 Months .. (Mahadevan R Rajan, MBA, 2009)

“Dev” as I am fondly called, am a Chartered Mechanical Engineer who graduated from Bhopal University, India.  I have had more than 25 years of professional experience working for various industries & PLC’s namely electronics, automotive, construction, software & hardware, management consulting and electrochemistry in Malaysia and Australia.