Undergraduate Assessment

Assessment is and shall continue to be a high priority for AeU. We are committed to valuing, supporting, and rewarding assessment-related activities that are led by the complementary and collaborative efforts of its faculty, staff, and students.


(a) Grade and Point Values
A student’s performance in a subject is indicated by the grade received. The relationship between the grade and the point value is as shown below: 
Mark Grade Point Value Status 
Mark Grade Point Value for Undergraduate Status
80-100 A 4.00 Excellent
75-79 A- 3.67 Excellent
70-74 B+ 3.33 Good
65-69 B 3.00 Good
60-64 B- 2.67 Good
55-59 C+ 2.33 Pass
50-54 C 2.00 Pass
45-49 C- 1.67 Marginal Pass
40-44 D+ 1.33 Marginal Pass
35-39 D 1.00 Marginal Pass
0-34 F 0.00 Fail
(b) Passing Grade  
The general passing grade in all subjects is a D and above except for MQA Compulsory subjects where the passing grade is a C and above. However the 
passing grade for each subject depends on the requirements of the School 
with the approval of the Senate of the University.  
(c) Accumulating Points  
i. The points are counted by taking the total credit hours for a particular subject and multiplying it with the grade received for a particular subject. For example, a student who receives an A in Principles of Management which carries 3 credit hours receives 12 points for the subject (3 hours x 4.00 point value for an A)  
ii. The total points is the total of all points accumulated by students of all subjects taken in one semester as follows: 



Grade Point

Credit Hour (Counted)

Credit Hour x Grade Point

Principles of Management





Principles of Marketing





Principles of Finance





Total Points



(d) Calculating the GPA and CGPA  
The Grade Point Average (GPA) is defined as the total grade points received by students in a semester divided by the number of credit hours counted in the semester. The Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) is defined as the total grade points accumulated from all semesters divided by the total credit hours counted.  
(e) Repeating Failed Subjects  
Students who obtain an F in any subj ect are required to repeat the subject. For the purpose of calculating the CGPA, the new grade will be counted. 
(f) Repeating Subjects for Grade Improvement  
Students are allowed to improve their grades by repeating the subject in the programme of their study. For CGPA calculation, the better grade will be counted.  
(g) Other Status  
Other than the Grades A, B, C, D, F, the following status are also used:  
i. “I” = Incomplete 
This status is awarded to a student who is unable to sit for an examination or is unable to complete assignments, like projects in the time given due to illness verified by a Medical Officer or for other reasons with the approval of the Dean. The student who obtained the ‘I’ grade is required to sit for a supplementary examination as replacement for the initial examination or has to complete the incomplete assignment at a date to be fixed by the Dean. Appropriate time extensions will be considered.  
ii. ‘I’ status is also accorded to the following cases: 
Non submission of Assignment and absent from Final Exam 
Submission of Assignments only and absent from Final Exam 
Non submission of Assignments but sat for Final Exam 
iii. IP = In Progress
This status is given to students who have completed the coursework of a subject but yet to sit for the final examination in the same semester. This status indicates the work progress of the students before a final grade is awarded in the later semester. A student is required to sit for the final examination within the next three (3) consecutive semesters and if he fails to do so, he needs to re-register for the subject. 
iv. CT = Credit Transfer
This status is given to students who have been granted credit transfers for certain subjects in accordance with the relevant regulations. In such cases, students will be regarded as having received the credit hours for the relevant subjects.  
v. W = Subject Withdrawal
This status is given to students who withdraw from a subject within the allocated time as provided for in 7 (4). The W status will not be calculated in the GPA.  
vi. AU = Audit
This status will be given to students who have registered for a subject but do not take part in the assessments. 


a) Subject Evaluation 
Assessments for each subject will be carried out periodically and continuously based on works done within the study weeks in a semester in the manner determined by the School or in accordance with University regulations.  
b) Modes of Assessment  
i. Students’ performance is assessed in the following manner: - 
ii. Continuous assessment through tests, assignments/project and quizzes. Normally not more than 60% of the total marks may be allocated to this form of assessment.  
iii. The end of semester examinations is held comprehensively at the end of each semester for each subject taken. Normally not less than 40% from the total marks may be allocated for the end of semester examinations.  
iv. In special cases (with prior approval of the University), the end of semester examinations can be replaced with other forms of assessment like ‘mini project’, ‘term paper’ and others.  
v. Assessment via practical training must follow modes of assessment approved by the University.  
c) End of Semester Examinations 
i. Final examinations must be held within the allocated time and in modes approved by the University.  
ii. Students can apply to defer sitting for the examinations provided all continuous assessments have been submitted. Applications are to be made before the final examination week. The subjects will be graded as ‘In Progress’ (IP) until students sit for the examinations. Students will be allowed to sit for the examinations within the next three consecutive semesters. If he fails to do so, he needs to re-register for the subject.  
d) Announcement of Examination Results  
i. Examination results can only be released to the student concerned and to a party agreed to by the student in writing.  
ii. Appeals for Re-marking of Assessment  
Appeals for re-marking of assessment can be made by filling the ‘Appeal on Examination Grade’ form. A payment of RM 50.00 (USD 15) is required for each re-marking. Applications must be made to the Registry within 21 days of the announcement of the final examination results.  
Upon appeals for re-marking for assessment a student can have a grade change from ‘Fail’ to ‘Pass’ or ‘Pass’ to ‘Fail’. 
In the event that the student has obtained a ‘Pass’ to ‘Fail’ grade upon appeal, a third examiner shall be appointed to evaluate the assessment. 
The Senate shall consider all cases of appeal.  
iii. Breach of Academic Integrity  

Students reported to have breached the Academic Integrity will be given the status of I pending the outcome of enquiries. If found guilty, the grade F will be given for the subject. (See Examination Rules and Regulations).


a) Students’ academic performance and standing are evaluated using the GPA.
b) The term “Good Standing” (GS) is given to students with GPA ≥ 2.00 and “Probational Standing” (PS) is for students with GPA < 2.00.
c) Students with PS will be placed under Academic Probation Period for the following semester.
d) The Academic Probation Period will end when the students achieve GPA ≥ 2.00.
e) During the Academic Probation Period, the students are not allowed to register for more than 6 credit hours. However the Dean will have the discretion of determining the number of subjects appropriate for the student to register.

f) The candidature of students may be reviewed if they continuously obtain unsatisfactorily results during the Academic Probation Period.


  • a) Students with GPA ≥ 3.70 and have not obtained less than a C for any subject in the current semester. To be included into the Dean’s List for that semester, students must also have registered for a subject load of not less than 9 credit hours in the semester.  

    b) The respective School will issue a Dean’s List certificate to the students receiving the award.  


    c) Students’ transcripts will carry the Dean’s List award notation.


Graduation Requirements  
a) Students are awarded the Degree when they fulfill the following criteria:  
Completed the minimum credit requirement for the programme.  
Obtained a CGPA of not less than 2.00 for the final semester of studies.  
Fulfilled the programme's specific requirements.  
Paid in full all financial obligations to the University.  
Free from any pending disciplinary action.  
b) Applying for Graduation  
The University will give notice to students during the semester when they have fulfilled the requirements for graduation.  
Students are required to apply for Degree graduation within the set dates. 
Late graduation applications will be penalised.