Malaysian Insurance Institute

Founded in 1968 as a non-profit organisation, MII is the leading insurance education and training institution, providing internationally recognized qualifications in insurance, risk management and financial planning. It is highly respected as a regional centre that offers an extensive range of quality education and training programmes for professionals in the insurance and financial services industries.

As the premier professional insurance education provider in Malaysia, MII works closely with the insurance industry with the full support from the Regulator, Bank Negara Malaysia to ensure that the training and education programmes conducted are relevant and in full alignment to the ever-changing needs of the industry.

Annually, MII conducts an average of 100 technical training programmes for insurers (life and general), brokers, adjusters, reinsurers, regulators with about 10,000 participants from Malaysia and other countries. The excellent track record has earned MII a seat on the Education Board of the Federation of Afro Asian Insurers and Reinsurers (FAIR) based in Egypt with members across Africa and Asia.

On an ongoing basis, MII also conducts training for life and general insurance agents to equip them with the necessary skills to better provide value added services to their clients. MII in collaboration with LIMRA (USA) conduct the Agency Management Training Course (AMTC) to further enhance the professionalism of the life insurance agency leaders.

MII has two flagship professional programmes i.e The Diploma of The Malaysian Insurance Institute (DMII) and The Associateship of The Malaysian Insurance Institute (AMII). They are highly sought after and are the benchmark standards for the industry both locally as well as in the emerging markets.
MII is the custodian of education standards for the industry and is endorsed as the official examination centre for the insurance industry. There are about 13  major examinations for the local industry that cover over 100,000 candidates annually. Due to the excellent track record and established credibility as an examination centre, MII is also entrusted as the regional hub to facilitate various external examinations offered by other established examining bodies such as The Society of Actuaries (USA), The Institute of Risk Management (UK), The Chartered Institute of Loss Adjusters ( UK) and many others.

MII prides itself as having a specialized library in insurance and insurance related areas. It has an extensive collection of books, journals and magazines related to insurance. Through its elibrary portal, there is extensive links to companies in the industry, Insurance Associations, the Regulators, University libraries, newspapers, publishing houses and other related bodies. MII also has an archive collection for reference.

Annually, MII conducts about five conferences which are specially designed to meet the specific needs of the industry. These conferences receive tremendous support from various organizations both locally as well as internationally. Apart from gaining and sharing of knowledge and experiences, our conferences provide the value added platform for networking.

MII has a firm belief in collaborating its efforts and resources together with other reputable insurance education bodies throughout the world so as to maximize and leverage on each other's strengths. MII's commitment to deliver the best quality standards in education is reflected in its international links with major insurance institutions, universities and relevant organizations. Among the collaborations that MII has established are with The Chartered Insurance Institute (UK),Society of Actuaries (USA), Chartered Institute of Loss Adjusters (UK), Australian New Zealand Institute of Insurance and Finance (ANZIIF), Institute of Risk Management (UK), LIMRA/LOMA (USA) and others

While addressing the domestic needs will always remain as a main focus and priority, MII has also spread its wings into the international scene, particularly in fulfilling the needs of the emerging markets. This is in line with its vision to be the preferred Institute for training solutions, education and information in insurance in Malaysia and the emerging markets. The increasing numbers and wide range of international training participants and conference delegates is a testimony of the recognition and regard for the relevant and high quality programmes being offered by MII.

MII's presence in the emerging market, particularly within the ASEAN region is quite significant. When the 10 ASEAN insurance regulatory authorities formed the ASEAN Insurance Training & Research Institute (AITRI), MII was given the honour to lead as the secretariat for AITRI. AITRI is a non-profit organization to provide regional research, insurance education and training support for the regulators as well as the industry of the ASEAN member countries. Its activities are featured in international publications and have gained great recognition and international support such as the World Bank (USA), International Association for Insurance Supervisors ( Switzerland), Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions ( Canada) and others.

In 2007, MII won the Professional Service Provider of the Year 2007 Award by The Review Worldwide Reinsurance in London. MII emerged as the first ever winner from Asia since the award started 14 years ago. Among the reasons for the recognition of the award was MII's on going effort and commitment in providing training and development to the emerging markets.