News 2014

Date Media News
31 Dec New Straits Times Pursue a masters in ICT at AeU
30 Dec The Sun Namibia's Minister of Education receives PhD at AeU
27 Dec Harian Metro Galak buat kajian menyeluruh
25 Dec The Star Focus on industrial doctorate programme
25 Dec Berita Harian Pelajar antarabangsa terima ijazah
17 Dec New Straits Times Yeop Ali pursuing DBA at 73
14 Dec Borneo Post International students celebrate at convo
11 Dec The Star Explore essence of Asian business
9 Dec The Sun  AeU focuses in Asian business
9 Dec Nanyang Siang Pau Asia e University in Malaysia
6 Dec New Sabah Times Developing educators for excellence in teaching
28 Nov Focus Malaysia Learning from a distance
28 Nov New Sabah Times AeU's 4th convocation ceremony and graduates' achievements
27 Nov The Star Age is not a limit at AeU
27 Nov Berita Harian AeU tawar kursus golongan berkerjaya
26 Nov New Straits Times AeU brand lures retiree to pursue PhD
25 Nov The Sun Risk management professional bags AeU's Chairman's Award
19 Nov Harian Metro 1,200 sertai konvo AeU
18 Nov The Star  An insightful experience
14 Nov Nanyang Siang Pau Asia e University: Working adults can acquire university degrees with flexibility
13 Nov  The Star Flexible studies at AeU
6 Nov The Star Flexible programme for working adults
1 Nov New Sabah Times Namibian Minister of Education received Doctor of Philosophy degree at AeU's 4th Convocation
28 Oct The Sun Accountant bags AeU's Chairman Award
21 Oct The Star Professional bags prestigious award
19 Oct Berita Harian Dugaan tak patahkan semangat genggam PhD
19 Oct Borneo Post Kumaresan bags AeU's Chairman Award
19 Oct The Star An international celebration
9 Oct Sin Chew Daily Asia e University's Convocation is joyously celebrated by over a thousand graduands
7 OCt Nanyang Siang Pau Asia e University's 4th Convocation: Attended by many VIPs
7 Oct The Sun AeU's fourth convocation
7 Oct Berita Harian Menteri Pendidikan Namibia terima PhD daripada AeU
6 Oct Borneo Post AeU produces yet another batch of high-calibre graduates
5 Oct New Straits Times They come from across the world
1 Oct New Sabah Times AeU's sees over 1,200 graduands receive their scrolls at 4th convocation
30 Sept The Sun Versatiles art and humanities at AeU
22 Sept New Straits Times Syed Hamid gets PhD
21 Sept Malaysia Kini Syed Hamid Albar dapat PhD, tesis tentang Dr.M
21 Sept New Straits Times Over 1,200 AeU grads to receive scrolls today
21 Sept Berita Harian Graduan AeU berketerampilan
16 Sept The Star Developing excellent educators
14 Sept The Sunday Post Making a difference in teaching at AeU
9 Sept The Sun Focus on lifelong learning
4 Sept The Star Flexible doctoral programme
2 Sept Berita Harian Tiga metadologi jadi teras AeU
30 Aug Harian Metro AeU seimbang teori, praktikal
29 Aug New Sabah Times Industry based MICTM programme for future leaders
28 Aug The Star Explore the essence of Asian business
26 Aug The Sun Expertise in Asian biz with AeU MBA
20 Aug New Straits Times Capturing all your needs
19 Aug The Star Finding the right university
17 Aug Borneo Post AeU's evolving computer technology
17 Aug Berita Harian AeU tawar Sarjana MBA
14 Aug The Star  Learning pathways at AeU
12 Aug The Sun AeU's flexible MBA
7 Aug Sin Chew Daily Asia e University at Kuala Lumpur Main Campus
7 Aug The Star To be digital savy
25 July New Sabah Times Pathways on comprehensive education programmes at AeU
24 July Star Special Research-intensive curriculum
17 July Berita Harian AeU penuhi permintaan pasaran ICT
16 July New Straits Times Closing the gap between skills needed and taught
15 July Star Special Shaping business professionals
10 July The Star Innovative course
8 July The Sun Lifelong learning journey for one AeU alumnus
3 July Sin Chew Daily Ng Soo Lee: AeU PhD programme a new learning experience
3 July The Star Fast-track your career
26 Jun The Star Learn business skills
24 Jun The Sun  One senior citizen's PhD experience
21 Jun  Utusan Malaysia Pengajian MBA di AeU
18 Jun New Straits Times Best of business training with focus on Asia
17 Jun The Star Enhancing research skills in business
16 Jun Nanyang Siang Pau Experiencing the AeU brand of PhD study
15 Jun Borneo Post Popular demand for AeU's education plan
14 Jun New Sabah Times AeU boosts higher education for pre-school educators
12 Jun The Star A creative and artistic approach
30 May New Sabah Times AeU gaining popularity in all education programmes
28 May New Straits Times A new era in new media
27 May The Sun AeU's Industrial Doctorate programme
22 May  The Star Learning that suits your lifestyle
20 May The Star Hone your teaching knowledge
18 May  Sin Chew Daily AeU's unique Industrial Doctorate Degree programme
18 May Berita Harian AeU perkasa pendidikan guru prasekolah
13 May The Sun  AeU's Master of Social Science
8 May The Star Steering your future with AeU MBA
29 Apr The Sun AeU's industrial doctorate programmes
26 Apr Harian Metro Program terbaik
25 Apr New Sabah Times Do your research in Asian Studies with AeU
24 Apr The Star Advancing Knowledge
16 Apr New Straits Times A head start in search on Asian societies
15 Apr                  The Star Tech-savvy leaders
13 Apr Borneo Post Sharpening leadership skill at AeU's MBA and Executive MBA programmes
25 Mar           The Sun AeU's MBAs for leaders
22 Mar New Sabah Times AeU, the University of choice for education excellence
21 Mar   Sin Chew Daily Asia e University is the best choice for working adult to further their studies
19 Mar   New Straits Times                Blended learning offers flexibility
18 Mar          The Star Flexible studies for working professionals
16 Mar  Borneo Post AeU: Achieve academic excellence and life goal
13 Mar  The Star Affordable online distance learning
28 Feb  The Sabah Times Postgraduate programmes at AeU
25 Feb  The Sun AeU's lifelong learning programmes
19 Feb Harian Metro Permintaan guru tadika tinggi
19 Feb  New Straits Times Asia e University offers lifelong learning for Malaysians
18 Feb The Star Lifelong learning made accessible
18 Feb  The Star Training Asia's business leaders
16 Feb The Borneo Post Enrich your lifelong learning with AeU
28 Jan  The Sun Overcoming career obstacles with postgrad studies
28 Jan  The Sun AeU's enriching postgrad studies
25 Jan  Harian Metro Program berteras ICT
24 Jan  The New Sabah Times AeU's graduate studies inspire greater exposure in experiential learning for working adults
23 Jan  The Star Mastering ICT management
23 Jan  The Star Create your competitive edge
23 Jan  Berita Harian AeU penuhi permintaan pasaran ICT
18 Jan  Utusan Malaysia Ijazah MBA AeU lonjakkan kerjaya
15 Jan New Straits Times A close-nit ICT University
9 Jan  The New Sabah Times Empower yourself with market driven and flexible ICT programmes at AeU