News 2015


31 Dec Berita Harian Peluang ahli Kelab Komando dapat diploma
30 Dec New Straits Times MBA at AeU tailored to Asian perspective
29 Dec The Sun A first in AeU history
24 Dec The Star A pursuit of excellence
18 Dec New Sabah Times A family of five graduates create history at AeU
15 Dec The Star MBA with flexibility
15 Dec The Star Branching out in Education
14 Dec China Press AeU MBA Helps Students to Better Comprehend the Asia Centric Business
13 Dec Borneo Post Journeying with AeU - Dr. Mak's invaluable experience
8 Dec The Sun A family affair
1 Dec - AeU Signed MoU with Kelab Veteran Komando Malaysia 
30 Nov Radan Banten Indonesia Universitas Teknologi Nusantara Sinergi dengan Asia e Universiti, Gelar Seminar International
28 Nov Berita Harian Memori indah 4 beradik
26 Nov Berita Harian AeU platform cemerlang lanjut PhD
25 Nov New Straits Times Papers reflect quality of AeU programmes
24 Nov The Sun Journeying with AeU
20 Nov Nanyang Siang Pau AeU's PhD Graduate Sharing Her Learning Experience
17 Nov The Star Refining human lives
17 Nov The Star Milestones on the pathway to discovery
17 Nov The Star Promoting Research Culture
15 Nov Borneo Post AeU organises research conference 2015
12 Nov The Star Keeping his eyes on the goal
30 Oct New Sabah Times AeU MBA graduates from Pakistan shares his invaluables journey
29 Oct Berita Harian AeU tawar kursus jarak jauh terbaik
28 Oct New Straits Times Nurse fulfils dream, thanks to AeU
27 Oct The Sun Passion in Education
20 Oct The Star Strengthening global connections
18 Oct Borneo Post Excellent platform for a quality PhD at Asia e University
12 Oct Borneo Post Asia e University produces yet another batch of high-calibre graduates
11 Oct Sin Chew Daily AeU 5th convocation ceremony, attended by international graduates from all over the world
30 Sept New Straits Times AeU offers flexibility for working folk
29 Sept The Sun High standards
27 Sept New Sunday Times 2,927 AeU graduates receive scrolls
26 Sept Harian Metro Hala tuju AeU jelas
24 Sept Berita Harian AeU pilihan terbaik sambung pengajian
24 Sept The Star Excellent platform to a quality PhD degree
22 Sept Nanyang Siang Pau Asia e University helps working adult achieve their dreams
20 Sept The Star AeU 5th Convovation
20 Sept Berita Harian Graduan AeU bertambah saban tahun
15 Sept China Press AeU offers 3 modes of MBA courses for your collection
15 Sept The Sun Fostering understanding
8 Sept The Sun Different perspective
29 Aug Harian Metro Cikgu Joinin dan AeU
28 Aug New Sabah Times My Invaluable Academic Journey in Master of Science (Management)(by Research) with Asia e University
23 Aug New Sunday Times Rain or shine, Joinin stay on course
18 Aug The Star Fruitful academic journey
17 Aug Borneo Post Five in family create history for AeU 
16 Aug Borneo Sunday Post Reaching out for the unreachable
16 Aug Berita Harian Pendidikan rentasi sempadan geografi
11 Aug The Sun Reaching the unreachable
6 Aug Sin Chew Daily AeU Master of Education student inspires women to pursue their dreams
31 July New Sabah Times Reaching the unreachable
30 July Berita Harian Membudayakan Penyelidikan di AeU
29 July New Straits Times AeU students present studies at seminar
28 July The Sun From dream to reality
25 July Harian Metro Belajar Main Saham
23 July The Star Against all odds
21 July The Star Lifelong education enhances career
12 July Borneo Sunday Post Sharing a learning experience at AeU
12 July New Sunday Times AeU helping single mum achieve dream
3 July Nanyang Siang Pau AeU Master of Education Programme that Fulfill and Realizes your Education Aspirations
17 June Harian Metro Majlis ilmu
16 June The Star Platform for sharing of knowledge 
14 June  Borneo Sunday Post Educational and Informative Student Research Seminar
13 June New Sabah Times Educational student research seminar in AeU campus
12 June Nanyang Siang Pau Asia e University's Student Research Seminar enhancing confidence in presentation skills
7 June New Sunday Times Renowned stock traders imparts knowledge at AeU
2 June Berita Harian Teroka kaedah Wyckoff di AeU
1 June AAPBS eNewsletter Educational and Informative Student Research Seminar in AeU Campus
18 May

Study Malaysia Online

AeU's Global MBA with Unique Focus on Asian Business
17 May Borneo Post Social Research in Asean business
17 May Daily Express AeU's Global MBA with Unique Focus on Asian business
11 May China Press Asia e University's MQA approved Master of Education degree programme offers 10 specialisations
30 Apr Berita Harian AeU tawar Program Doktor Falsafah
29 Apr New Straits Times Accountant can teach thanks to AeU
28 Apr The Sun AeU offers Master of Social Sciences
25 Apr Harian Metro Belajar Online
24 Apr New Sabah Times Discover the freedom of personalised learning
23 Apr The Star Global MBA focusing on Asian business
21 Apr The Star Eye on applied research
14 Apr The Sun Digital Creative Media at AeU
12 Apr The Sunday Post AeU embarks on post-flood relief CSR mission
3 Apr Nanyang Siang Pau Asia e University helps you in lifelong learning
31 March China Press Prof.Dr.Siow Heng Lok: AeU offers training in Research for Doctoral Programmes
28 March New Sabah Times Exploratory and enriching learning experience for AeU graduates
26 March Berita Harian Bekerja sambil belajar di AeU
25 March New Straits Times AeU Masters course caters to variety of fields
17 March The Star Redefining learning
15 March The Sunday Post Age has no limit at Asia e University
10 March Sin Chew Jit Poh AeU embarks on post-flood relief effort in Kelantan
6 March Sin Chew Daily Asia e University's flexible learning mode meeting students' need
3 March The Sun  AeU's post-flood relief efforts
27 Feb New Sabah Times AeU embarks on post-flood relief efforts in Kelantan
4 Feb Harian Metro AeU tembusi pendidikan 33 negara
3 Feb Berita Harian Pasaran Asia tumpuan MBA AeU
2 Feb China Press Asia e University offers learning anytime anywhere with their flexible programmes
1 Feb New Straits Times AeU raises the bar with unique MBA
30 Jan New Sabah Times AeU making education more flexible, accessible and attainable
29 Jan Berita Harian Kajian Sosiobudaya Asia bukti kecemerlangan AeU
28 Jan New Straits Times Sharpen your business acumen with AeU doctorate
27 Jan The Star Becoming business-savy in Asia
15 Jan The Sun Asia e University date change
11 Jan Borneo Post AeU's Bachelor of Digital Creative Media leads to vast careers
8 Jan Berita Harian AeU tangguh peperiksaan
7 Jan China Press Asia e University postponed its semester examination to 23rd Jan
7 Jan Nanyang Siang Pau Asia e University postponed its semester examination
6 Jan New Sabah Times AeU Sept semester exam postponed