Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood Education)(Hons)

The Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood Education) programme is designed for those who want a comprehensive teaching degree that will assist them in building successful career in the early childhood education sector; and most importantly for those with a passion for teaching.

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Accredited programme by Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA), Ministry of Higher Education.


  • The programme is designed to enhance the knowledge and skills of practicing early childhood educators with knowledge about the cognitive, emotional, social and moral development of children from birth until 8 years of age. Based on this knowledge, the programme examines the different methods, strategies and techniques of enhancing the multiple intelligences of children; namely:

1. Verbal and linguistic intelligence; 
2. Quantitative and mathematical intelligence;
3. Musical intelligence;
4. Physical & kinesthetic intelligence; and
5. Scientfic intelligence 

  • The programme structure also seeks to examine the needs of children with special needs and the gifted. Included is how educators should establish relationship with parents and the community; and the management of child development centres. 


Regular Entry

  • Be at least 21 years of age and possess a PMR/SPM/MCE/UEC or equivalent qualifications subject to an assessment of work experience and prior learning experience; AND 
  • 2 years teaching experience or related experience in an education/ training institution

Open Entry Qualifications recognized by the Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia:

  • Diploma approved by LAN/MQA (Malaysian Qualifications Agency) or other qualifications recognised by the AeU Senate;  OR
  • a minimum of two (2) Principals in STPM or equivalent qualifications (eg. A-Level)  


Modes of Study Part Time
Blended Learning
Duration 4 years 4 months
No. of Semesters 13 semesters
Assessment Coursework 60%
Final Exam 40%
MQA Accreditation PA1280
Advertisement Code (N/143/6/0031) 05/17


Mata Pelajaran Umum (21 credit hours)

  • Islam and Asian Civilisations
  • Ethnic Relations
  • Information Literacy & Research Skills
  • Entrepreneurship & Ethics in Asia 
  • Personal Development Project
  • Academic Writing
  • Asian Studies

Core Subject (33 credit hours)

  • Philosophy of Education
  • Developing the Curriculum
  • Enhancing Teacher Professionalism
  • Children with Special Needs
  • Instructional Technology & Learning Resources
  • Evaluation & Testing in the Classroom
  • Educational Psychology
  • Co-Curricular Activities
  • Counselling in Schools
  • Pedagogical Models & Strategies
  • Schools & Society

Major Subject (48 credit hours)

  • Foundations of Early Childhood Education
  • Language & Literacy of Young Children
  • Emotional & Social Development of Children
  • Children's Health, Nutrition & Safety
  • Management & Quality of Early Childhood Centres
  • Gifted Children
  • Creative Arts for Children
  • Music, Movement and Play
  • Home-School Partnership
  • Children Learning Mathematics
  • Science for Young Children
  • Evaluation & Observation of Children
  • Social Studies for Young Children
  • Technology & Children
  • Research in the Classroom I
  • Research in the Classroom II 

Electives (12 credit hours)

  • Moral Education in the School Curriculum
  • Teaching Methods & Strategies in Moral Education
  • Assessment in Moral Education
  • Issues & Trends in Moral Education 

Practicum (6 credit hours)