Foundation Studies


A Pre-U Foundation Studies course of international standard for High School Leavers.

For students who wish to take courses in business, law, psychology, accounting, finance, economics, IT and other majors in arts, humanities and social sciences.

GAC provides relevant soft skills needed to adjust to and survive in the University—skills in independent study and research, critical thinking, communication and IT.

GAC also stresses on English language and personal development in team work and interpersonal skills. Adopting continuous and flexible assessment methods to enhance students learning experiences. Course delivery, assessments and examinations are moderated externally by the Australian GAC course director.

Upon completion, students are given multiple rewards – AeU Foundation Studies Certificate, American College Test Score , GAC Grade Point Average and  IELTS or TOEFL score.

Eligible to be considered for credit transfer up to one year in  American universities.

More than 100 GAC pathway universities in Australia, US, UK, New Zealand, Canada and Singapore.


English placement test for non-English speaking students

High School Education with 5 credits in O Levels / SPM or equivalent


The Global Assessment Certificate (GAC) is the world's most recognised university preparation program adopted by Asia e University as AeU Foundation Studies to prepare you with the academic knowledge, skills and confidence to enter and successfully complete a university degree not only in Asia, but also worldwide. Upon graduation, you will not only get an AeU Foundation Studies Certificate but also global university admission requirements including an American College Test (ACT) score, a GAC Grade Point Average (GPA) and either an IELTS or TOEFL score.You will be qualified to enter a wide range of university worldwide - Malaysia, Asia and more than 100 GAC Pathway Universities in USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand. As a student, you may be awarded up to one year of credit transfer by selected GAC Pathway Universities in the United States subject to meeting the academic standards as required by the universities. This allows fast track completion of your university studies with significant savings on tuition fees and living expenses. A number of GAC Pathway Universities offer scolarships and bursaries to students with academic excellence.

Scholarships available to enter AeU degree programmes.

GAC adopted a flexible assessment system which includes tests/exams, oral presentations, group presentations, written assignments, tutorial exercises, computer-based tasks, role-plays, demonstration, log-books, projects and practical exercises.