Publication & Authorship


A student may choose to submit parts or the entire thesis as a series of related papers, or manuscripts intended for publication. This requires prior consent of the supervisor/supervisory committee and appropriate copyright permission. The paper(s) will normally form one or more well defined thesis chapters; details of organization and content are determined by the student and the supervisory committee. The publication status (submitted, in revision, in press, or published, with dates) and book or journal details (volume, page numbers, etc.) of any manuscripts or papers included in the thesis must be specified with each such chapter.


Single or multiple names of authorship is permissible in the publication, provided that the student has made a substantial contribution to the work. Academic unit guidelines may specify the number and/or order of authors in accordance with discipline practice. The student's contribution to both the research and the writing of any multi-authored paper must be clearly specified either in the introduction to the thesis or at the beginning of each relevant chapter.