Chai Lee Sim
Master of Business Administration
International procurement consultant
Recipient of Chairman’s Award 2012

It is never too old to learn and grow. With the right motivation and a hunger to improve oneself, dreams can be fulfilled. I am proud to have made it.

Suratman Masohan
Master of Education
Recipient of Chairman Award 2012
Although the journey was not an easy one, we finally made it through sheer determination and resilience. Congrats to one and all! Read more.
Satvinder Kaur
Master of Knowledge Management
Wow!! Lots of memories during that 2 years doing my masters. The worse part is having class only twice a semester. First day of the class…..hmm I only have one classmate, Sunita….thank God we get along very well and in fact became good friends. Assignment topics seems so alien….but we never gave up and we did a lot of research trying to understand what the question requires. It was fun going to uni on Saturdays and Sunday to do assignments (most of the time last minute) and it feels like a student all over again. The worst moment was when I was doing my project paper in the library, after I completed and submitted, I looked at the library and I told the librarian that I am going to miss this place, which I do very much, really feel like coming back to study again…..hmmm maybe soon.
Phan Thi Thanh Hien & Phan Cong Tuan
Master of Business Administration (Dual Award)
It is my great honor to finish and pass the MBA Dual Award. We would like to express our very sincere thanks to everyone from AeU who have helped us a lot to complete this course.
Saifulizan Haron
Master in Management
Terima Kasih kepada AeU kerana konsep Lifelong Learning merealisasikan impian saya serta keluarga.
Fatin Ahmed Elhaj
I’m really lucky and glad to be one of the family at AeU. AeU is something that has exceeded my expectations and dreams. I really like the online education system. From what I learn at AeU, I can directly add my experience at my workplace.
Annie Chew
Master of Education
Thanks for all the support from the AeU staff. I never feel alone in this journey as all of you always available there and making things possible for me to complete this journey. A special thanks to Prof. John for his patience and kindness. Thanks to Malaysia Embassy in Kazakhstan for all the assistance. Wish you all the best!!!
Lilian Loke Lai Lan
Master of Education
My studies were like ‘paddling a perahu slowly from the source of the Sarawak River to the delta at the mouth of the river, going through rapids at times, otherwise was smooth paddling, allowing me to have time to be inspired by the beautiful fauna and flora, and time to make stops to replenish my energy before continuing my journey’. The journey had taken me three full years to complete. I felt no stress as I could do it at my own pace. This is how I feel about my studying at AeU. I attribute this lack of stress to my prayers and my trust in God to guide me and assist me in all my studies.
My course mates were great. They knew this ‘aunty’ could do with some help, being suddenly thrust into this new technological age and going back to school at age three scores and twelve. They all rallied around her, making sure she had learning materials for all the core subjects as well as samples of past years’ examination papers. They rendered her all kinds of assistance so that this aunty would not feel out of place in the class, and also, would not be left too far behind while they raced ahead to reach their goals. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart. I appreciate your kind gestures very much. May I take this opportunity to congratulate you on your success of achieving the Master of Education Degree and I wish you all the best always. I am indeed very happy and very proud to graduate together with you at the AeU Second Convocation.
The staff and facilitators of AeU are fabulous. They are friendly and have tried to give their very best to make my studies easy and enjoyable. Some of them provided me extra services, for each I am really grateful. I am thankful to AeU for the special fee discount for senior citizens, thereby giving me the chance to continue learning, no time to feel bored and to feel sorry for myself. I enjoy a better quality of life, thanks to AeU. I wish you all at AeU the best and pray you will continue to grow and prosper.
Lastly, I wish to say a very big thank you to my family for their moral support and assistance, without which I would not be able to complete my studies successfully. Thank you very much my dears. You are marvelous!
Markandu Sivakumaran
Master of Business Administration
Recipient of President's Award 2012
To you my fellow graduates, I congratulate you on all your achievements. Don't forget the determination and inspiration which enabled your success. It will serve you well in your new endeavours. “Education is the manifestation of perfection in man”. With AeU’s help, we were able to face the challenging student life with courage and enrichment.
Sukumaran Sinnathamby
Master of Education
Asia e University’s innovative distance-learning programme keeps me productive and up-to-date despite having reached retirement age. I have never seen so many academic journals in my life. And knowing that I have the access to study them online is amazing!
Asia e University’s innovative distance-learning programme keeps me productive and up-to-date despite having reached a retirement age. My current profession requires me to meet a lot of people in the academic world. To excel in what I do, I am determined to speak the common ‘language’ in this industry – that’s the reason why I pursue a study in Higher Education Teaching.
Khairul Anwar
Master of Business Administration
As with other professionals, I have normal working hours. But at home, I would go through audio and video materials sent by my university while playing with my daughters. Efficiency is one thing. But to be effective within a limited time is another. I believe that being effective is key when you have such a busy schedule.
Such flexibility is perfect for adult learners who are keen on pursuing their academic aspirations. It (part-time study) allow students to retain their profession while gaining in-depth academic knowledge at the same time. As such, it provides students with the opportunity to apply the newly-gained knowledge into practice.
What’s great about Asia e University is that the university provides students with top-notch facilities. The library, from which I borrow five books every three weeks, is very up-to-date. Access to online journals and case studies are also helpful in facilitating studies. 
It (part-time study) not only enriches your knowledge, but it also teaches you to be more resilient and discipline. By that same logic, you want to be at a university that gives you flexibility to work and study, so that you are in tuned with what’s going on in both real and academic world.
Dato’ Yahaya Bin Udin
PhD (Business Administration)
I like to study at AeU because the staff are so friendly and very approachable. The e-library is also very convenient to use. I enjoy learning at the university. I remember the advice of one of the facilitators - a real joker, makes the class so lively. His advice was: 'Never give up’!
James Deva Nagayam 
Suhakam, Malaysia
PhD (Education)
My job as a commissioner and founder of Shelter’s requires me to travel and am a busy person. AeU has given me this hope of obtaining a higher qualification despite my hectic life style. I was impressed in the professional manner the staff handled my initial enquiry. Prof Dr Siow Heng Loke has so been helpful in providing me encouragement and guidance in planning for my studies. 
Faustino Taderer
PhD (Business Administration)
I have never come across such a good university like this one which is even better than some full time universities. The research that I have done for the past two years have greatly enriched me. Now almost all the professors I work with are coming to me for information and guidance on issues related to USA, Japan, Germany, South Africa, Oman and China which are my country cases; they also consult me on most International Business, Marketing and Supply Chain related issues.