Master of Human Resource Management (R-DL/345/7/0971) (MQA/FA0673) (11/21)

This programme aims to provide students with the knowledge to be proficient in human resource (HR) management concepts, skills and activities in order to help develop HR systems that will support their organisation’s strategic objectives.

Master of Science (Management) (R/345/7/0678) (A9490) (01/19)

This MSc (Management) by research is designed for those aspiring to do research in specific areas in business and management. Professional and mature working adults can exploit this opportunity to do independent research and complete the degree requirements at one’s own pace with supervisory assistance.

Master of Education (R2-DL/140/7/0007) (A9151) (08/23)

The Master of Education degree programme is designed to provide individuals with the knowledge and skills to be effective educators.

Master of Business Administration (MBA) (R2-DL/345/7/0305) (A9102) (04/23)

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) is a postgraduate degree programme which is a richly rewarding undertaking for those who wants to progress into business management, strategic planning and financial understanding. The opportunities are endless with an MBA degree for those interested in leadership roles, become entrepreneurs or make a switch to another industry or career. Students are poised for higher level positions that will contribute towards improvement in their management and decision making skills.

Master of ICT Management (R2-DL/482/7/0455) (A9885) (05/24)

Master of Information & Communication Technology Management (MICTM) is a blended learning programme offered by Asia e University (AeU). It is designed for people who are from technical and non-technical backgrounds to become future corporate leaders in today’s technology driven industries.

Master in Management (R2-DL/345/7/0452) (A9491) (01/24)

The Master in Management (MIM) programme is a blended learning programme offered by Asia e University. The programme encourages the ability to apply the knowledge and skills towards complex problem-solving and decision-making, as well as the application of modern strategic management methods relevant to the field of business and management.

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