Graduate Studies



Publication & Authorship


A student may choose to submit parts or the entire thesis as a series of related papers, or manuscripts intended for publication. This requires prior consent of the supervisor/supervisory committee and appropriate copyright permission. The paper(s) will normally form one or more well defined thesis chapters; details of organization and content are determined by the student and the supervisory committee.

Writing Your Thesis

There are many styles of writing theses and dissertations. For consistency, students are encouraged to conform to the format approved by AeU. See here for definitions of theses, dissertations and project papers.

Data Collection


  • A candidate is requested to seek the permission from the relevant bodies of each country that approves the conduct and the ethical considerations of the research before the candidate is allowed to embark onto the proper data gathering procedures.
  • The letters of consent from the relevant authorities must be disclosed to the supervisor(s) and attached in the thesis as appendix.

Informed Consent

Research Proposal Process

During the Stage 1 of Structure I, the research proposal should be submitted within the stipulated period from date of registration of the first semester to the School of Graduate Studies. For Structure II, a student is required to fulfil a minimum number of credit hours of coursework and examinations. Subject to the student’s performance in the coursework component, and the approval of Dean of School of Graduate Studies, a student is allowed to proceed work on his/her research proposal.


Appointment Process

Before a supervisor is appointed, a student needs to submit a 2-page research prospectus indicating the following;

Programme Structure

A postgraduate study at AeU is a programme that leads to an award such as a Postgraduate Diploma, a Master’s Degree or a Doctorate (PhD, DBA, EdD) or Post-Doctoral qualification. Entry to a postgraduate course usually requires prior completion of a relevant undergraduate Degree (or Diploma) programme and/or related working experience.

There are three main types of postgraduate courses offered at AeU – research (Structure I), coursework and research (Structure II), and coursework only (Structure III).

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