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Welcome to Asia e University

At Asia e University (AeU), we have no boundaries and our options are not limited by

Every programme we offer can be studied from anywhere in the world.

That means you can study on your own, at your own pace and place, with or without
attending classes. Whichever study method you choose, you’ll experience the same high
quality, highly engaging programme of study.

With more than 29,000 students and 15,000 alumni, we offer a powerful network of
like-minded individuals right across the globe and a learning experience that’s both
personalised and flexible.


AeU believes flexibility is key to learning. That’s why our programmes are perfect for those with career and family commitments.

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The AeU Difference

This is your learning agenda. So when it comes to the method of study, we let you choose. If you want to learn at home, you’ll find all the materials and online support you need. If you want to mix with fellow students in an environment of mutual learning, then you can enroll to attend classes in Kuala Lumpur or with one of our collaborative learning partners.

Every programme we offer can be studied from anywhere in the world. That means you can study on your own, at your own pace, without attending classes in Kuala Lumpur or at one of our international collaborative learning partner.

Delivered via self-study and web-based resources, our online distance learning enable you to study for a qualification without needing to relocate, apply for student visa or leave your job. This makes an ideal method of study if you need to study alongside other commitments.

We ensure that our online distance learning students receive the same level of teaching and support as that received by our students on campus. We invest heavily in online and interactive technologies to allow you to connect with fellow staff and students.

We offer high level of flexibility; an approach that has enabled thousands of students to graduate entirely through online independent study.

Independent study isn’t for everyone. Many students thrive on interaction with faculty and fellow students. So for them, and for those unable to come to Kuala Lumpur we offer the opportunity to study with one of our many international collaborative learning centres. You can mix with fellow students in a cultural setting that may be more familiar to you.

You will still enroll with AeU. You will still study for an AeU degree. You will still benefit from all our learning support materials. You will simply enjoy all of this much closer to home.

Each learning centre has been individually chosen by AeU to ensure it offers a high quality, well-supported learning environment. All are approved and regularly reviewed by AeU and comply with all the relevant regulations in their country of operation.

Their details can be found here.

When you enroll at AeU, you’re joining a strong network of ambitious and successful people. They come from different countries and have diverse backgrounds and career paths. But, like you, they are all keen to grow and develop as professional in their chosen field.

You not only tap into this ever-present student network, but when you graduate you join an alumni group of more than 11,000. These successful men and women can be found in all corners of the globe, in many different careers with hundreds of organization. It’s a powerful network.

Meet Our Alumni, Hear Their Stories

AeU alumni come from all over the world, each with his or her own unique set of professional experiences, personal commitments and career aspirations. AeU is proud of its community of more than 15,000 alumni spanning in more than 80 countries who are making a positive impact as leaders and innovators within their communities and professions around the world.

Our alumni are living proof that AeU studies are sufficiently flexible to helping you balance work, family and study.

Read their stories to find out how they do it and how you can too.

  • “The AeU PhD programme interplays flexibility and performance. From administration to the Research Committee, everybody is committed to your success. I’ve experienced prompt feedback, a constructive approach and a genuine commitment to excellence. My supervisor and the Dean of Graduate School connected with me regularly via email and Skype. They provided me with continuous ongoing support so that I had the knowledge necessary to achieving my personal academic goals. The defense phase of the degree as much as everybody fears it, was my most fulfilling academic experience ever. The learning that goes into the PhD degree goes beyond academics. I’ve learned to manage industry, peers, and supervisors, due dates, family and professional commitments while conceptualizing and proofing academic theories. Not an easy undertaking, yet the resilience and expertise developed in the process are the pinnacles of my future professional career.”

    - Dr. Asif Mahbub Karim, Bangladesh, PhD Graduate of 2016

  • “My PhD’s journey had changed my outlook in life, enhanced my learning aptitude and knowledge about Asia, the Saharan and Sub-Saharan regions and beyond. My advice is to give yourself a chance to pursue lifelong learning and to find balance between your work, study and family. AeU has adopted flexible online learning modes with advanced technologies that allowed me to overcome the academic challenges, deadlines, and conflicting demands of family, work and study, to finish my studies.”

    - Dr. David Richard Namwandi, Namibia, PhD Graduate of 2014

  • “Though I was aware that the independent study pathway for the DBA programme would be a daunting task, the attraction of being trained in applied research based thinking and methods to define, implement and evaluate real business issues drove me to go for the challenge. The AeU DBA programme should definitely not be taken lightly, but at least AeU provides you with experienced researchers to guide you. Personally, I loved working with my Dean during the research proposal stage, and I will forever be indebted to my supervisor for supportive and inspiring guidance from the early phases of the literature review to the viva voce examination. The DBA has been an incredible experience. The programme has not only trained me in applied research based thinking but has also broadened my understanding of strategic management. However, the greatest experience of all has been to prove to myself that I was capable of overcoming the intellectual challenge to conduct research at doctoral level.”

    - Dr. Nixon Alberth Simamora, Indonesia, DBA Graduate of 2015

  • “I chose AeU DBA because of its emphasis on practical application, and it seemed well-suited me, someone who is busy running and managing a business. I’ve learnt a lot about my core subjects and also about academia and research. To tell the truth, sometimes I have occasionally found myself feeling lost in this new world of academic research, but my supervisor always manages to get me back on track with renewed momentum.”

    - Syafiqah Ishak, Malaysia, DBA Student

  • “I run a diversified portfolio of business since 1997. The MBA programme that I enrolled in 2016, strengthens my business knowledge, improves my skills and supplements my real-life business experiences. Entrepreneurship is my choice of specialisation. I enjoyed AeU’s flexibility mode of learning which allows me to study anywhere without giving up my own businesses and family time,”

    - Ho Ken Fatt, Malaysia, MBA Graduate of 2017

  • “Having a full-time career meant that I have to constantly juggle between my studies and my busy work life. Doing the accredited AeU MBA enabled me to broaden my knowledge in all aspects of corporate sector. Although there are many MBA programmes in Sri Lanka, only AeU MBA offered me the desired flexibility to study with minimum disruption to my family and my professional commitments. Self-paced learning allowed me to study whenever my schedule allows. I personally believed that AeU MBA surpassed my expectations and uplifted my confidence in managing a company in a more effective way.”

    - Thusitha Karunadasa, Sri Lanka, MBA Graduate of 2016

  • “I chose AeU for a few reasons. First it is recognised by the Ministry of Higher Education and the programmes are accredited by Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA). Second, it has a learning centre in my hometown Sibu. Third, I could study part-time and have easy access to various learning materials and resources (for assignments and project paper) from the AeU digital library. I gained more time and it is cost savings if I compared it to other local universities. The science education has inspired and motivated me to teach science more creatively and efficiently in schools, by implementing the knowledge I gained during my Master course in AeU.”

    - Ivy Ngu Mei Ee, Malaysia, MEd Graduate of 2016

  • “When selecting a university, the appeal of AeU was twofold. First, the internationally popular distance learning study route had a very good reputation. Second, it offered good value relative to other local universities – and despite preferring the distance learning study route, I wanted to study with a local institution. Any distance learning programme stands or falls on the quality learning materials provided, as well as on the support provided to student online. I found both the coursework learning materials and online support forums to be extremely good, with the quick and helpful responses from my academic facilitators through myPLS online forum being particularly noteworthy.”

    - Liow Zen Min, Malaysia, MEd Graduate of 2016

Featured Student Story

Mafio Matthew Mlambo

A father, sports enthusiast, world-traveler and Minister at Zimbabwe Embassy in Malaysia. Mafio is committed to earning an MBA without sacrificing his commitments. Mafio was determined to fit learning into his busy life. In addition to raising two children, his professional and personal commitments require him to travel frequently and manage a hectic schedule. AeU MBA allows him to do it all. This is his story.

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