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AeU Believes that Everyone,
Everywhere has a Right to
Higher Education


We are Open, Flexible and Everywhere

AeU is a leading Open and Distance Learning (ODL) university in Malaysia, and one of the premier ODL institutions in Asia.

We have made it our mission to remove barriers that can limit access to Higher Education and make it more accessible, affordable and beneficial for our learners.

For more than 10 years, we have improved the lives of thousands of people around the world through our unique approach to education and we have learned how to deliver an exceptional educational experience for all our learners.

We have taken flexibility to a new level by combining our experience in open and distance learning with the very latest technology-rich innovative learning environments.

We are strategically poised to reach learners wherever they are in the world.

Designed Around You


You can fit your studies around your lifestyle.

We appreciate that our students are busy working professionals who have to balance study with careers and family life. At AeU, your learning comes to you with 24/7, multi-device, multi-media learning materials and a leading edge ‘virtual classroom’ study portal called myPLS.

Over 90% of our students work alongside their studies. Many have family or caring responsibilities too. From watching recorded lectures on train, writing assignments at the kitchen table or reading books in the online library whilst enjoying your holiday, you can complete your studies without putting your life on hold.

Need a little more structure? We have our main campus in Subang Jaya and learning centres throughout the country that offer face-to-face tutorial sessions using our innovative ‘blended learning’ schedule. You get all the same great online materials and support, with the addition of two days face-to-face seminars per month during the semester.

Study with us and you’re able to fit your learning into your current commitments, making life easier for you and your family.

How Do You Want to Study ?


Whatever you want to study, full-time or part-time, online, blended or on-campus, AeU is making it easier to fit studies into your lifestyle

The mode you choose will depend on your ongoing commitments, your financial resources and your individual study preferences.

Whichever study method you choose, you’ll experience the same high quality, highly engaging programme of study.

Study Method
Blended Learning
Online Learning
On-Campus Learning
Study Options
Study Options

You blend your learning by combining face-to-face classroom study with the flexibility of online learning.

It is a flexible mix of online learning, plus face-to-face teaching at main campus or at one of our approved learning centres.

You study 100% online.

It is extremely flexible. You can study at times and locations that suit you.

A variety of platforms are used to deliver content and enable you to collaborate with other students and academic staff.

You study predominantly full-time on-campus.

Studying full-time allows you to focus intensively and without interruption on your academic development.

Who Is It For?
Who Is It For?

For those who want a balance between an element of face-to face classroom learning and the flexibility of online learning.

For those who are able and happy to commute to the main campus or one of our learning centres once a month.

For those who want the on-campus experience without the commitment of a typical full-time time-table.

For those with an established family and full-time work. It gives the flexibility to manage other commitments.

For those who want a fast-paced, immersive learning experience with 24/7 flexibility.

For those who have a busy schedule and prefer to set their own pace for learning.

For those who travel extensively for work; live internationally for certain period of time; have irregular work patterns/hours.

For those with an established family and full-time work. It gives the flexibility to manage other commitments.

For those who want to experience ‘university life’ first hand, attend lectures, involve in campus activities and take advantage of the facilities available.

For those who are willing and able to postpone or pause their career in order to focus on academic study for 3-4 years.

For those who are very comfortable working with reading lists, note taking, text and lecture-delivered content and traditional learning approaches.

Methods of Learning
Methods of Learning

1-2 days of classroom study a month (during weekend) for face-to-face tuition time and peer interaction.

Opportunity to engage with different types of content like recorded lectures, self-instructional modules, video & audio podcasts and visually enhanced PPT presentations.

24/7 interactive and collaborative online environment.

Complete assignments and watch webinars and presentations online.

Opportunity to engage with different types of content like recorded lectures, self-instructional modules, video & audio podcasts and visually enhanced PPT presentations.

On-campus, classroom study.

Can be as little as 10 hours of lecture times a week – typically spread across 5 days.

Your Personal Classroom


Study independently, around your own schedule,
wherever you are in the world.

When you study with AeU, whether by blended or online, you will have access to our engaging, easy to navigate and feature rich online learning platform called myPLS.

For over a decade, AeU has developed myPLS which supports and encourages students to take control of their learning. All of our modules include interactive core study materials, access to online library with thousands of e-books and e-journals for you to tap into, as well as engaging forums to interact, debate and spark new ways of thinking with fellow students and academic facilitators.

Put simply, myPLS keeps everything AeU students need in one, always accessible place.

Whatever your learning style, myPLS will help you fit your studies around you and make the most of your time.

Bringing The Classroom To You


At AeU, we’re experts in online and distance learning and we have the support systems to help you succeed.

24/7 access to engaging, interactive and convenient online learning

Access to wealth of online library resources including full text access to e-books, e-journals and past exam papers

Highly qualified and experienced on-campus and online Academic Facilitators

A user-friendly personalised learning hub tailored to your learning needs

Dedicated and ready-to-help online Student Support Team

Supported by 17,000 alumni and nearly 30,000 globally connected students from 100 different countries.


AeU believes flexibility is key to learning.

That’s why our programmes are perfect for those with career and family commitments.

Education & Cognitive Science
Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences
Science & Technology
Graduate Studies

Meet Our Student & Alumni, Hear Their Stories

AeU is proudly supported by 17,000 graduates and nearly 30,000 globally connected students studying in 100 different countries across the globe.


Our alumni are living proof that AeU studies are sufficiently flexible to helping you balance work, family and study.

Read their stories to find out how they do it and how you can do too.

  • “The AeU PhD programme interplays flexibility and performance. From administration to the Research Committee, everybody is committed to your success. I’ve experienced prompt feedback, a constructive approach and a genuine commitment to excellence. My supervisor and the Dean of Graduate School connected with me regularly via email and Skype. They provided me with continuous ongoing support so that I had the knowledge necessary to achieving my personal academic goals. The defense phase of the degree as much as everybody fears it, was my most fulfilling academic experience ever. The learning that goes into the PhD degree goes beyond academics. I’ve learned to manage industry, peers, and supervisors, due dates, family and professional commitments while conceptualizing and proofing academic theories. Not an easy undertaking, yet the resilience and expertise developed in the process are the pinnacles of my future professional career.”

    Assoc Prof. Dr. Asif Mahbub Karim
    Head of Accounting Research Group at Binary University in Malaysia
    PhD Graduate of 2016, Bangladesh

  • “My PhD’s journey had changed my outlook in life, enhanced my learning aptitude and knowledge about Asia, the Saharan and Sub-Saharan regions and beyond. My advice is to give yourself a chance to pursue lifelong learning and to find balance between your work, study and family. AeU has adopted flexible online learning modes with advanced technologies that allowed me to overcome the academic challenges, deadlines, and conflicting demands of family, work and study, to finish my studies.”

    Dr. David Richard Namwandi
    Former Namibia’s Minister of Education
    PhD Graduate of 2014, Namibia

  • “Though I was aware that the independent study pathway for the DBA programme would be a daunting task, the attraction of being trained in applied research based thinking and methods to define, implement and evaluate real business issues drove me to go for the challenge. The AeU DBA programme should definitely not be taken lightly, but at least AeU provides you with experienced researchers to guide you. Personally, I loved working with my Dean during the research proposal stage, and I will forever be indebted to my supervisor for supportive and inspiring guidance from the early phases of the literature review to the viva voce examination. The DBA has been an incredible experience. The programme has not only trained me in applied research based thinking but has also broadened my understanding of strategic management. However, the greatest experience of all has been to prove to myself that I was capable of overcoming the intellectual challenge to conduct research at doctoral level.”

    Dr. Nixon Alberth Simamora
    Director at PT iForce Consulting
    DBA Graduate of 2015, Indonesia

  • “I run a diversified portfolio of business since 1997. The MBA programme that I enrolled in 2016, strengthens my business knowledge, improves my skills and supplements my real-life business experiences. Entrepreneurship is my choice of specialisation. I enjoyed AeU’s flexibility mode of learning which allows me to study anywhere, anytime without giving up my business and family time.”

    Ho Ken Fatt
    Founder of eMarketing Train & Managing Director at Infinity Power Resources
    MBA Graduate of 2017, Malaysia

  • “Having a full-time career meant that I have to constantly juggle between my studies and my busy work life. Doing the accredited AeU MBA enabled me to broaden my knowledge in all aspects of corporate sector. Although there are many MBA programmes in Sri Lanka, only AeU MBA offered me the desired flexibility to study with minimum disruption to my family and my professional commitments. Self-paced learning allowed me to study whenever my schedule allows. I personally believed that AeU MBA surpassed my expectations and uplifted my confidence in managing a company in a more effective way.”

    Thusitha Karunadasa
    Director of Operations at Arpico Development (Pvt) Ltd.
    MBA Graduate of 2016, Sri Lanka

  • “I chose AeU for a few reasons. First it is recognised by the Ministry of Higher Education and the programmes are accredited by Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA). Second, it has a learning centre in my hometown Sibu. Third, I could study part-time and have easy access to various learning materials and resources (for assignments and project paper) from the AeU digital library. I gained more time and it is cost savings if I compared it to other local universities. The science education has inspired and motivated me to teach science more creatively and efficiently in schools, by implementing the knowledge I gained during my Master course in AeU.”

    Ivy Ngu Mei Ee
    Science Teacher at SMK Luar Bandar Sibu, Sarawak
    MEd Graduate of 2016, Malaysia

  • “AeU was my best choice due to its flexible learning mode and its easily accessible materials. With determination and good time management, I was able to complete my assignments on time with the help and guidelines given by AeU’s academic facilitators. I enjoyed my learning experience because the knowledge gained was relevant and applicable to my occupation. After I graduated, I continue my studies in Master of Education with AeU. With my encouragement, my 21 year old daughter is also pursuing her Bachelor of Education with AeU.”

    Punithavathy Kupasamy
    Owner & Principal at Taska Day Care Centre Genting Highlands in Pahang
    Graduate Diploma in Early Childhood Education, Graduate of 2015, Malaysia

  • “When selecting a university, the appeal of AeU is twofold. First, the internationally popular distance learning study route has a very good reputation. Second, it offers good value relative to other local universities – All learning materials are fully online, including self-instructional modules with video clips and podcasts. I found both the coursework learning materials and online support forums to be extremely good, with quick and helpful responses from my academic facilitators through myPLS online forum being particularly noteworthy.”

    Liow Zen Min
    Founder of EW Kidz & Lecturer at Southern University College
    MEd Graduate of 2016, Malaysia

  • “From day one, I was impressed by the quality of the teaching at AeU. Everything is extremely top notch. It’s what you expect from a business programme. Another thing that impressed me about the programme is the calibre and diversity of my classmates. Their experiences and resumes are really impressive. The interactions we’ve had and what I’ve learned from group projects and online classroom discussions has been great. ”

    Tuan Mohamed Anif Sallay
    CEO of a reputable company in Sri Lanka
    MBA Graduate of 2014, Sri Lanka

  • “I chose AeU because it is the only university that gives me the flexibility to structure my learning around my busy lifestyle. I can study anytime and anywhere I want. I like the way AeU runs its MICTM programme. All the theories that I learnt are relevant and applicable to my work. Learning became more interesting with constant interactions with my course mates and AeU’s friendly academic facilitators via its learning management system (myPLS), WhatsApp group and even in social media. Another competitive advantage of AeU is the quality of its academic facilitators who are not only professionally qualified but they had extensive industry experiences in hand.”

    Girija A/P Sachidanantham
    Database Administrator at Alice Smith School
    MICTM Graduate of 2016, Malaysia

Dato’ Fazley Yaakob

AeU Ambassador &
Postgraduate Student

Ho Ken Fatt

MBA Graduate of 2017
Recipient of Chaiman’s Award, Mahani Zainal Abidin Award and School’s Award

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