AeU ties up with Markplus Institute of Marketing (MIM), Jakarta

News Date: 
13 April 2010

A memorandum of agreement (MOA) was signed between Asia e University (AeU) and Markplus Institute of Marketing (MIM), Jakarta marking an important step forward in their collaboration in teaching and learning, especially in the field of marketing, as well as availing both parties training opportunities beyond their shores.

In attendance was YBhg Prof Dato’ Dr Ansary Ahmed, President & CEO AeU, Prof Hermawan Kartajaya, Founder & President, MarkPlus Inc, Jakarta, Dr Zakaria Taib, Senior Business Mentor & Advisor, MarkPlus Inc, and members of the Malaysian network marketing fraternity.

One of the programmes jointly initiated by both AeU and MIM is the Executive Diploma in Network Marketing. The programme was launched in November last year by YB Senator Dato’ Maznah Mazlan, Deputy Minister of Human Resources at AeU main campus in Kuala Lumpur, in the presence of many MLM companies and relevant agencies. The training programme is designed to provide the necessary training to those who are involved in the network marketing business so that they can be more successful in their business.

Currently there are over 4 million of the country’s population involved in network marketing/MLM business. However, the attrition rate is more than 90%. In addition, many are not aware of the differences between illegal get-rich schemes from that of legal network marketing/MLM business. 
For this programme, the first batch of students have commenced their classes at AeU since February 2010. Classes are held once a month over the weekend and the current batch of students who are network marketing practitioners find the programme very useful.

Monthly sessions of Industry Talk which are open to the public, have also been initiated to enhance the subject. The first talk was hosted by GMC Network Sdn Bhd, and was presented by its top leader, En Khirul Anuar Ibrahim, and tonight the fourth hosted by Markplus Institute of Marketing, Jakarta at the Malaysian Petroleum Club, KLCC. The speaker was Pak Hermawan Kartajaya, Founder and President of Markplus Inc., Jakarta and Adjunct Professor at Asia e University who spoke on “New Wave Marketing, a powerful new tool and strategies used in today’s marketing.

University Malaysia Terengganu will soon be offering similar programmes in network marketing in Bahasa Malaysia to cater for the network marketing practitioners in the East Coast region. This initiative is also endorsed by the Ministry of Human Resources, as the MLM business opportunities will provide an alternative employment for many graduates, especially those unemployed.